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Peugeot has a message for the ICT industry!

505 SR, 505 ST, 504SR, 504GR etc were the popular cars in nigeria between the 1970s up to circa 1999.

They were the first choices for Governments and many individuals. 

Today, you rarely find Peugeot cars on the streets of Nigeria despite presence of a Peugeot assembly plant in Nigeria since 1972!

Peugeot benefited from this early incursion into the Nigerian market and reaped stupendous rewards over the next two plus decades.

It is hard to find a better example of first-mover advantage! 

The party spoiler was reportedly the economic recession of the 1980s that led nigerians to begin looking in the way of used cars from Europe and USA. With that came treasures such as Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mercedes etc and then many car owners discovered that availability does not mean superiority.

The story of the Nigerian, indeed African, IT industry may be similar.

3Com came to Nigeria early…in the 1990s. 

It enjoyed wide adoption but as other superior brands became available, it faded into oblivion….

Cisco came early too but has managed to remain steadfast! This is a story for another day.

A treasure that customers are only beginning to discover is Extreme Networks! 

This American company produces some of the best networking solutions and devices (cloud and on-premises) we have ever encountered…”no capping!” If in doubt, simply verify with Gartner and Forrester.

Caspian Services discovered and partnered with Extreme Networks in 2007. Every customer that has procured Extreme Networks solutions from us has attested to their DURABILITY, RELIABILITY, no-hassles setup and configuration, unassailable post-sales support and long life-span!

Guess what! Most of those customers are Telecommunications Operators……these guys don’t mess around with unreliability and tacky support yet they have come to trust Extreme Networks devices in their IP/MPLS Cores and Edges.  

Extreme Network’s software suite is da bomb! They have for Network Management, Analytics, Inventory Management/Auditing, Automation/Provisioning, Troubleshooting and more.

…….and the software handles multi-vendor equipment so if you already have equipment from diverse vendors (cisco, Huawei, Juniper, HPE Aruba, Nokia, Dell, Linksys et al), no sweat!

Magnificent company, solid solutions, solid products, solid support!

Are you still buying the Peugeots of the ICT industry?

For more information about Extreme Networks, call us today on +234-904-CASPIAN 

(+234-904-2277426) or email us on or

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