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HPE & Juniper, BlackRock & GIP, Nigeria & its citizens😏

About three weeks ago, HPE agreed to buy Juniper for a whopping $14b! If no regulatory hiccups, deal should be closed latest Q1, 2025.

This deal is already sending waves across the ICT industry and getting tongues wagging. 

The emergent colossal HPE is expected to become the third largest networking OEM after Cisco and Huawei and will have end-to-end compute, storage and industry-leading AI-powered networking capabilities.

There will be cost and product synergies and then a major assault on Cisco's and Huawei's market shares. 

But.........this is not just about HPE and Juniper.

Last week, Blackrock also acquired Adebayo Ogunlesi’s Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP) for $12.5b.

Nigeria’s budget for 2024 is $21.2b ($1 = N1,300).

This means the aggregate of these two deals surpasses the budget of Nigeria for a year. Chai! Na wa o!

It gets even more startling!

The HPE-Juniper deal amounts to $1.3m per capita for Juniper’s workforce of 10,901 people.

The Blackrock-GIP deal amounts to $31.3m per capita for GIP’s workforce of 400 people!!! There will be a party like never before in that company!

The budget per capita for Nigeria is $96.15 assuming a population of 220m people.

Let’s see how other top countries in Africa compare.

South Africa’s budget for 2024 is $132b, population is 61m, per capita budget is thus $2,129.

Egypt’s respective numbers are $97b, 109m and $890.

Well, you can draw your own conclusions from the above!

May God bless Nigeria!

Ah! lest we forget, we sell cisco, HP, Huawei & Juniper. Been at it since 2005! 

Call us on +234-904-CASPIAN (+234-904-2277426) or 

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