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Did the Super Eagles induce "drug abuse" amongst Nigerians?

Updated: Feb 10

On the 7th of February, 2024, at about 8.50pm Nigerian time, the Super Eagles qualified for the final of the 2024 African Cup of Nations after a tense duel with the Bafana Bafana of South Africa.

At the moment Kelechi Ihenacho, aka Seniorman, netted that last penalty kick, guests, waitresses, security men and others at the lounge in Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria, became frenzied to a high degree and one seemingly indivisible social group. There were high-fives, hugs, clenched fists accompanied with all kinds of shrieks!

Kelechi Ihenacho celebrating his penalty kick that took Nigeria into the 2024 AFCON final.

Keenly, I watched the vibing, the “hiving”, the collective effervescence, the communalism, the ego & class suppression et al that was induced in over 100 people…………….thanks to the athletic manoeuvres of Ademola Lookman, Semi Ajayi, Ola Aina, Troost Ekong, Victor Osimhen, Calvin Bassey and 10 others (including the substitutes that came in) that kicked around a leather ball for over 2 hours, in not-too-far-away Cote D’Iviore.

This is the power of football!

Renowned psychologists such as Jonathan Haidt contend that such intoxicating emotions are also sometimes producible by religious gatherings, political rallies, musical concerts and even mushroom consumption……oh yeah, you read that rightly! You can check with the Mexican Aztecs.

Mexican Aztecs dancing after consuming intoxicating mushrooms.

They say a physical gathering is a prerequisite to stimulating this bonding of humans.

At Caspian Services, we have always imagined what role technology can play in perennially reproducing such feelings amongst the people to engender positive impact in society. The likelihood of hitch-free cooperation is higher during such moments. Think of a society-wide, positive Group-Think.

Do tech-powered Social Media platforms reproduce these sensations in e-gatherings?

Does collective trolling achieve this, even if momentarily and non-altruistically?

Can tech and medicine combine to copy and paste exhilarating consciousness from a person to another without the assistance of substances such as “molly” (just heard about this from Timaya), “loud”, other harmful hallucinogens and without surgery?

Molly aka Ecstasy shown in a variety of colours.....

Mind Uploading, which is the transfer of consciousness from a human to a machine, may soon be a reality. Stay tuned!

Mind Uploading

Congratulations to the Super Eagles!! Dem no gree for any team!

Congratulations to all Nigerians!

And……..irrespective of the bickering and banter on Social Media, we must acknowledge the valiant effort of Bafana Bafana. They tortured 200 million nigerians with that first half display of nifty ball handling and relentless attacks.

That Mokoena dude…..such a skillful, tireless worker. Monaco and an English Premier League club are reportedly lining up to sign him.

How about the incredible miss by Khuliso Mudau in the last minute of extra time? He could have won them the match.

At Caspian, we stay at the forefront of tech and remain passionate about deploying same to transform businesses and communities. For your ICT solutions, whether customised or generic, call us today on +234-904-CASPIAN (+234-904-2277426) or email us on or

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