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Who will win the battle for the Arabian dollars?


No, that is neither the GDP of Japan nor that of Germany. Their GDPs are only a bit over half of that, rather that is how much Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI (owner of ChatGPT), reportedly requested from the wealthy Arabs to build Graphic Processing Units (GPUs).

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI

What the heck are GPUs that they cost so much?!

Picture of a GPU by NVIDIA

GPUs are the semiconductors that power Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Actually, they are a lot more than that but let's keep it short, simple and sweet!

Taiwanese-born American CEO of the NVIDIA, which is the world-leader in GPU production, has countered the validity of this figure. Jen-Hsun (Jensen) Huang, addressing the World Governments Summit in DUBAI, claimed the cost to build AI Data Centres globally would amount to just $2t over the next five years.  

Jen-Hsun (Jensen) Huang, President of NVIDIA

In other words, if the Data Centres will cost $2t, how will only one component of the Data Centre i.e. GPUs cost $7t?

"Ghen-ghen! So who de bobo us?"

NVIDIA is the world leader in GPU production with over 80% market share. It is reportedly receiving stupendous demand for its semiconductors, beyond its supply capabilities, such that discussions about fair rationing for customers had to be held.

It has seen its market capitalisation vault from $323b in 2020 to approximately $2t as at yesterday, the 22nd of February, 2024, surpassing Amazon, Alphabet and Meta to become the world’s 4th most valuable company, trailing only Microsoft, Apple and Saudi Aramco… that order.

OpenAI currently purchases most, if not all, of its GPUs from NVIDIA but is now strongly considering backward integration with acquiring an existing chip maker as another option. What could this mean for smaller GPUs manufacturers such as AMD and Intel?

Of course, all these cannot be music to the ears of Jensen Huang.

The Arabs must surely be paying close attention! Where do you think their money will go to: OpenAI or NVIDIA or other? Let us know in the comment section below.

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